John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, Natural Crunchy Cheese and Sourdough Twists in Original


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EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand-twisted and twice baked twists for the perfect crunch. REAL INGREDIENTS: No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. No added GMOs. CRUNCHY CHEESE & SOURDOUGH SQUARES: Layers of batch-mixed sourdough alternate with real aged cheese for bold flavor with a big crunch. NUTRIENTS TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT: 0g trans fats & 0g sugar per serving. AMERICAN MADE In 1976 John Wm. Macy developed his original CheeseSticks recipe for his small Northern California catering business. Johns hand-twisted, twice-baked appetizers made from sourdough, aged cheese and seasoned butter became an immediate crowd favorite. Following a move to New York City in the early 1980s, catering gave way to full-time production. John Wm. Macys CheeseSticks opened in 1985 from a small Manhattan storefront. Now headquartered in northern New Jersey, John Wm. Macys family bakery continues to produce specialty baked snacks with the same passion for simple, natural ingredients and exceptional craftsmanship that earned John a place in the Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame. John Wm. Macys CheeseSticks Theres a taste thats been following you. You cant quite place it, yet you can’t forget it. The real cheese. The real butter. The real sourdough. That wedding. That restaurant. Your best friend from college who throws that killer July 4th party. Yeah, it was probably us. For decades, people everywhere have been serving up our CheeseCrisps and CheeseSticks at festivities of all kinds, and thank you. We are grateful for your support. Now, it’s time for a proper introduction. If you should ever find yourself unsure of who was responsible for that special, crisp taste, you need only remember to ask for us by name. We are the one and only, the original John Wm. Macy’s. Original Cheddar CheeseSticks It all started with a twist… Enjoy the award-winning favorite that launched our business! Originally developed for John Macy’s small catering business 40 years ago, this classic snack wins new raves every day. Made with layers of real aged cheddar and asiago cheese and sourdough, hand-twisted and baked twice to “the perfect crunch,” they are still at the head of the pack. Premium ingredients No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives Versatile year-round party appetizer Delicious for snacking straight from the package

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