Anya’S Apothekere Fermented Sweet Onion Sauce – Infused Spicy Honey Gourmet Co


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  • Bold onion flavor melds with the floral sweetness of natural honey & tangy apple cider
  • Irresistible on baked mac & cheese, popcorn shrimp, juicy tropical fruit, dark chocolate
  • Finest and only organic honey sauce on the market fermented over a three month period
  • Featured in the New York Times, a new kitchen favorite of pro chefs & busy parents alike
  • Luscious any time of day or night from breakfast to dessert to naughty midnight snacking

YOUR NEW CULINARY SECRET WEAPON Every jar becomes a kitchen condiment staple. We keep it simple: only three ingredients. Only organics. Only the best in nature’s raw goodness, from the bees to you. ZESTY RED ONION FLAVOR BRINGS FLAIR The sharp bite of red onion marries the luscious, golden caramel goodness of our signature fermented honey sauce. Keep a hunk of cheese on hand for an addictive quick-fix snack that satisfies sweet & savory cravings all at once. Glaze it, brew with it, simmer it, smother it. ONE OF A KIND HONEY WONDER FERMENTATION WORKING FOR YOU Fermented food aids in your body’s digestion. It lets you absorb foods and nutrients better. And it helps you develop live cultures of good bacteria to make your gut happy. That means you get a lot of mileage out of every spoonful! RAW HONEY. GREAT TASTE. Kosher-certified Gluten-free Fat-free Sodium-free Organic ingredients SWEETEN THE POT This burst of fresh red onion tang will elevate your egg rolls and pizzazz up your pizza. Slather over a fresh rack or ribs for smokey grilled goodness. Simmer into a bowl of carrot ginger soup for a robust flavor enhancement. Whatever you’re eating or drinking, you’ll find a way to bring this saucy side onto the scene! DEDICATED TO FAMILY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Anya’s journey took her from earning a traditional Bachelor of Arts degree, to culinary school, to doula training, to certification as an eco-maternity and lactation counselor. Through the years, she has carried her core mission of spreading health and happiness to her loved ones and to the world.

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Anya's Apothekere


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