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Unsweetened Dried Blueberries by Brownwood Acres - FruitFast | Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified All Natural Healthy Snack - No Added Sugars, Oils or fillers - Just Blueberries (1 Pound)

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Unsweetened Dried Blueberries by Brownwood Acres - FruitFast | Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified All Natural Healthy Snack - No Added Sugars, Oils or fillers - Just Blueberries (1 Pound)

These are not your typical dried blueberries. Since they DO NOT have any added sugar, the result is a blueberries that many find have a more natural, tart flavor. An amazing alternative to the sugar loaded snacks you find in most convenience stores, these blueberries also make a great addition to salads, baked goods, yogurt, cereal and more! As an added bonus, Unsweetened Dried Blueberries are also loaded with nutrients that promote wellness including Anthocyanins. Ingredients: Dried Blueberries. Why do people consume Blueberries? (Besides the awesome taste) People all over are eating (and drinking) blueberries, and it's not just because of their Amazing Taste. Blueberries are also a healthy, nutrient rich snack. Most notable, Blueberries score extremely low on the Glycemic index and are packed full of healthy Antioxidants such as Anthocyanins! An outlier on the market, FruitFast is focused on offering not only the best tasting but also the highest quality Dried Fruits and Fruit Concentrates on the Market. Read more What is the best way to get your FRUITFAST? Most of our customers can't decide, so we offer this super fruit in 3 forms. Unsweetened Dried Blueberries by FruitFast These all natural Dried Blueberries are a healthy and tasty alternative to super processed foods you find in most grocery and convenience stores. A great addition to many recipes, these dried blueberries shine when added to muffins, breads and other baked goods. Toss them in a salad, yogurt or pancake. Add them to your homemade Trail Mix or simply eat them from the bag. It is not often something so good for you taste this incredible. Pure Blueberry Juice Concentrate by FruitFast Pure WILD Blueberry Juice Concentrate is the most popular means of consumption. Rest assured you are receiving the most nutrient rich Blueberry Concentrate on the market - We cold fill our bottles, flush the remaining oxygen with nitrogen, apply an airtight induction sealed liner and store our concentrate under refrigeration. The result? a crisp and clean taste that you wont find in our competitors concentrates. With only 1 ounce needed per serving (daily) our customers find our Fruit Juice Concentrate to be a rewarding addition to their morning smoothie, glass of OJ or simply mixed with water. BlueberryIQ by FruitFast BlueberryIQ is the most convenient way to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients from blueberries. The whole fruit paste that goes into these softgels is pressed using a proprietary process that condenses the nutritional components of the fruit using minimal heat. The result? A liquid fruit paste that is super nutrient rich while carrying over almost none of the sugar that is found in the fruit. While most of our patrons continue to purchase all three of FruitFast's line of Blueberry Products, we find that these are often the go to when traveling, in a hurry or to meet special diets. Read more We all know Blueberries taste great, but flavor doesn't make these a SUPERFRUIT If you can’t enjoy a handful of fresh blueberries every day, a handful of Unsweetened Blueberries is the next best thing. Blueberries are known to Promote Healthy Brain Function, may help support Urinary Tract Health, are low in Calories but maintain a high nutritional composition and their anti-oxidative properties can help protect your cholesterol. Read more Unsweetened Dried Cherries by FruitFast Unsweetened Dried Blueberries by FruitFast Dried Cherries by FruitFast (Slighlty Sweetened) Dried Wild Blueberries by FruitFast (Slightly Sweetened)

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Dried Blueberries - Nothing Else!
  • Desired for their fiber and phytonutrient content!
  • A nutritious snack - Perfect on Salad, thrown in Baked Goods or added to Yogurt/Granola!
  • All-Natural, Gluten Free with no Preservatives!
  • Quality assured by Brownwood Acres - Family owned and operated since 1945!


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