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Traditional Irish Pack

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  • Naturally flavored with apples and a hint of spicy cinnamon
  • Just add hot water and it's ready in minutes
  • 100% Irish oats--oat flakes in this instant oatmeal is cut a little finer so that it will cook quickly
  • 100% Irish oats--oat flakes in this instant oatmeal is cut a little finer so that it will cook quickly
  • McCann’s Oatmeal is more than just a breakfast cereal--it is becoming increasingly popular as a versatile baking ingredient

From the manufacturer

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal was born in Ireland more than 150 years ago. We’re proud of our Irish roots, the land, and the people who have made McCann’s Irish Oatmeal a staple in millions of households. To this day, our oats are grown in Ireland. In fact, some of our farmers have lovingly tilled the same family farmland for generations, giving McCann’s Irish Oatmeal its undeniable authenticity.

Oatmeal is a versatile recipe ingredient, ideal for a wide range of baking and general cooking.

Ireland is often associated with potatoes, but in fact, potatoes were only introduced in Ireland around 1590. Oats go back much further. Based on references to oatmeal found in the Great Code of Civil Law, the Irish have been cultivating oats since around 438 A.D. There is evidence that even before this date, porridge was recognized in Europe as a characteristically Irish food. Since then, Irish oatmeal has changed very little: the porridge enjoyed by Irish people centuries ago was quite similar to the hot oatmeal in your bowl today.

Ready In Minutes
Available in Different Flavors
Microwavable Single Serve Container
Non-GMO Verified



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