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Pureed Food for Adults with Dysphagia (Fruit Cocktail, IDDSI Level 4)

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  • FRUIT FLAVOR: With roots tying us back to the farm, FruitBlendz starts as whole fruit blended down to a consistent texture utilizing only starch and pectin as thickeners. Unlike competitors who blend canned fruit, FruitBlendz provides farm fresh taste right from the jar.
  • CONSISTENT: Whether you’re taking care of a loved one or navigating dysphagia for yourself, safety and reliability in the food and beverage you have at home matter greatly. FruitBlendz are specified for those with dysphagia who require soft, minced, and moist or pureed foods. FruitBlendz pureed fruits are consistent with IDDSI Pureed, Level 4 standards.
  • NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: We only use real sugar to add just the right amount of sweetness. You won’t find artificial sweeteners in our products. Naturally fat free, gluten free and low in sodium, FruitBlendz is a convenient solution for your meal-time and snacking needs.
  • CONVENIENCE: FruitBlendz fruit purees offers a perfect alternative to messy food processors and measuring cups. When faced with dysphagia, you need to know that the food you or your loved one consume is the right thickness, every time. Stop measuring, chopping and blending and enjoy ready-to-serve pureed food right from the jar. Enjoy 22 servings per 68 oz container. Shelf-stable for 12 months until opened.
  • QUALITY: With rigorous quality control procedures in place, Leahy-IFP is synonymous with quality solutions that give you peace of mind. In business since 1957, our pureed food products and thickened drinks are also found in professional care settings underlining our commitment to product safety.



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