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Oblate Disc (Wafer - Disc Type) [W/ English Instructions] 200 Pcs

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  • Wafer paper for wrapping a dose of powdered medicine
  • Makes bitter medicine easy to be swallowed
  • Very thin, edible film made from only potato starch (non-GMO)
  • These are the exact same manufacturer and product as PIP, except these also come with a folding stand that makes picking up the disc and powder easier!
  • Quantity: 200 pcs in a handy plastic case

“Oblate” is a wafer paper for wrapping a dose of powdered medicine. It is a very thin, edible film made from starch, and makes bitter powdered medicine easy to be swallowed with water without taste. This product is made by leading oblate manufacturer in Japan.
- INGREDIENTS: potato starch (non-GMO) - PRODUCT OF JAPAN - Quantity:
200 pcs (in a handy plastic case)
How to Use Please also see the pictures and English instructions on the back of the package.
(1)Prepare a glass of water
(2)Put the medicine on a sheet of the “Oblate”
(3)Fold it several times so that the medicine is packed
(4)Pinch it (or using a tea spoon) and soak it into the water in the glass just a second so that the surface of it becomes jelly-like
(5)Put it in your mouth and swallow (with water) without chewing



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