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Cypress Camomile Tea Sticks

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When you think of calming, relaxing tea you think of chamomile tea. This tea is made from dried white petaled flowers that when brewed offer a light, apple-like flavor. This tea is 100% herbal with no caffeine, making it a favorite among those who have caffeine sensitivity. Due to its soothing effect, it is also a tea commonly used to aid sleep and remedy anxiousness. With its light flavor, you can pair our Cypress Camomile Tea with a delicate slice of angel cake, some lightly seasoned popcorn or avocado toast. To play up the notes of apples in the tea, slice up your favorite apple and top with peanut butter or indulge in a classic slice of apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. There is no need for extra utensils thanks to the genius design and brewing method of the tea stick. The food-grade plastic is rigid so you can stir in your favorite sweeteners, creamers, and milks with ease. This is ideal for work environments such as offices, car dealerships, hospitals, clinics, banks, schools, and more! Brewing is a breeze with the built-in filtration at the bottom of the stick that allows hot water or milk to filter through and steep the tea. Each tea stick is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. You can feel good not just by enjoying your tea but by also knowing that you invested in a product that is 100% all-natural and Eco-friendly! You can compost the used tea leaves and then recycle the food-grade plastic stick! There's nothing better! NOTE: The clear plastic wrapping of the individual stick is NOT recyclable! Each Box contains 15 Sticks Box weight 28.5G Serving Size per stick 8 oz. Individually wrapped



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