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Get in touch with us Trehalose Powder - Keto Powdered Sugar - Sugar Substitutes - Vegan Keto - Sugar Alternative - Keto Sugar Substitutes (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs)

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Unit price  per Trehalose Powder - Keto Powdered Sugar - Sugar Substitutes - Vegan Keto - Sugar Alternative - Keto Sugar Substitutes (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs)

Trehalose sugar consists of two molecules of glucose and is found in some plants and invertebrates. It is found naturally in mushrooms, yeast, and plants. In fact, trehalose is so common that it makes up to 40% of the dry weight of certain mushrooms, and is also known as mycose. Trehalose can also be manufactured synthetically from cornstarch or rice bran. It's very similar to sucrose (table sugar), but not as sweet. This means you need less trehalose than table sugar to get the same level of sweetness. Trehalose is a sugar that can be used as a substitute for sucrose in food. Trehalose is used in foods where it may enhance certain flavors and suppressing bitterness. Trehalose sugar is a sweetener that also acts as an antioxidant in the body and also provide energy and endurance as it metabolizes in the body. In addition, it may also support liver function, brain function, and dental health. Trehalose is a keto-friendly sugar substitute. This trehalose sugar product is in powder form. It is pure and free of any fillers or additives.

Product Features

  • Antioxidant* - Trehalose, a keto sweetener, may contain antioxidants.* These are molecules that can inhibit or neutralize free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules produced during normal metabolism. Free radicals cause damage to DNA, cell membranes, proteins and lipids (fats).
  • Liver Support* Trehalose is a granular sugar alternative that may been used to support the liver. Trehalose sugar powder may help the liver by providing an alternative energy source under times of stress.*
  • Dental Health - In addition to keeping your teeth healthy, trehalose can also help improve your overall dental health. It's been shown to aid oral health, making it a great way to protect your smile.*
  • Keto Friendly - Trehalose Sugar Trehalose is a sugar free powdered sugar, a keto sweetener, that can be used in place of sucrose (table sugar) to make foods and drinks sweet and to provide energy.*
  • Sugar Substitute For Baking - Our Trehalose is a sugar substitute that is used in baking and cooking to give foods a sweet taste without adding the calories of regular sugar. Trehalose is a pure cane sugar substitute that may be used as a keto confectioner's sugar for your keto baking needs.


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