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Size:500 count This is a fun new way to get a party started at your social gathering: weddings, parties, meetings, waiting rooms, etc. Use these cookies any way you would like! Once you purchase, we will contact you by email via Amazon Order Information. We will inform you then on how to design your own fortunes. If you would prefer that we come up with them instead, NO PROBLEM! We have lots of experience. We will just ask you a series of questions so that you can be assured that you’ll meet your fortune cookie goals. The fortunes inside the cookies can be FULL-COLOR, complete with photos, clip art, company branding, themes, etc. The list is endless as far as what can go on the fortunes! We have a HUGE list of wedding fortunes, as well as other fortune categories. Feel free to request that we send you a specific list to use if you’d like, otherwise we will offer. Depending on the details in the fortunes, we can have the cookies ready to ship 5 to 7 days after your order, give or take a few days. Once we know exactly the type of design of your fortunes, we can give you an exact answer. Cookies are best (freshest) if shipped to you approx 1 week prior to your event. Cookies stay fresh for up to 2 months. You can have up to 60 different personalized fortunes. If you need more than this, please let us know and we will work something out to make it happen. Feel free to email or phone us if you have any questions or would like pricing for larger bulk rates.

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